The here and now of sports….

Since the end of the Miami Heats winning streak last night we have been “fortunate” enough to hear from all the experts in the national media on how the Bulls beat the Heat. How Chicago has come up with a blueprint for beating the Heat. This got me thinking about the here and now of sports. Every time there is some remarkable streak of some sorts in sports there is talk of now knowing how to prevent such a thing from happening again.

Whether it goes back to how to stop the Greatest Show on Turf (hit Kurt Warner), stopping the spread offense in college football (keep players in front of you), stopping a dominant team in baseball (get to their bullpen is a favorite) and now stopping the Heat (be physical). To me all of these blueprints are really nothing new. If you follow sports, you know these things are typically helpful in beating any team. But the talking heads all seem to try and prove their worth by telling us these are blueprints and hoping we look past the fact that it’s really just obvious statements.

You want to stop a high powered offense in football, you want to stop any offense in football…hit the quarterback. Very few teams in baseball have stacked bullpens, so yes chase a team’s starter and get to the pitchers that are in the bullpen because they typically do not have a full arsenal of pitches. Stopping the Heat last night, was the physicality of the Bulls. Well sure if you beat up any team’s star players that is going to wear on them. But I would not be surprised if the NBA starts to address this issue around the league, not just with the Heat.

I get why the media likes to spout off about these blueprints. It gives them a new angle to talk about streaks. However I find it annoying more than anything. I think we should really learn to appreciate the accomplishments we witness in sports. Look at the Heat’s streak, the difficulty of it. Don’t try and quantify it by talking about how many times they had to come from behind. Enjoy the scoring that Texas A&M and Oregon puts up in college football and not whether it is “cheating” the game or if it is lesser than the style of offense of say Alabama. Appreciate the ability of a baseball team that wins 100 games and durability of the team as a whole grinding throughout a season. Learn to look at the here and now.

Yes it is great to compare teams of present with those of the past or to imagine what kind of player someone might be in the future. But do not get caught up in the talk. Enjoy what sports brings us. The ability to escape and watch athletes do the unimaginable. Enjoy watching teams make seemingly impossible runs in the season and post-season, hello Florida Gulf Coast. Learn to appreciate these feats because very few times in sports is there a true blueprint to stop something such as a streak or a player in the zone. That is what makes sports great, to see these feats. So make sure that you enjoy sports, for the escape, for the impossible becoming possible, for the greatness. Enjoy it, when you watch the next streak. Enjoy it like Florida Gulf Coast men’s basketball team does. That is what sports is about, not dissecting the great things but enjoying them! Live in the here and now!!

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