NFL Draft, Part 3

Image This is Part 3 of my 2013 NFL Draft coverage. Today we will talk about some general thoughts of this year’s draft and what I hope the Rams will do this weekend. 

Thoughts on the Rams
We all know that the Rams have several needs they hope to address this weekend; linebacker, safety, running back and everyone’s favorite position to talk about wide receiver. Since everyone’s favorite topic is the WR position for the Rams, an area which they have not truly addressed for years now, lets start with that point of interest. Will the Rams take a WR this year in the first round? They might. They may feel that Tavon Austin can survive in the NFL and be a dynamic player, they may feel that Hopkins or Patterson can give Bradford a weapon he so desperately needs. But I suggest they DO NOT take a WR in the first round. Now calm down and let me explain.

First look at this year’s draft class of WR’s. There are plenty of skilled players no doubt. However I do not feel that any of them are true #1 WR’s. Are any as skilled as AJ Green or Calvin Johnson? Or are they just highlighted this year because of the crop? I feel it is the latter. A bunch of players that could be low end go to WR’s. Since 2007 there have been 21 wide receivers drafted in the first round. Of those just six have been to the Pro Bowl. That list includes the aforementioned AJ Green and Calvin Johnson as well as Percy Harvin, Julio Jones, Demariyus Thomas and Dwayne Bowe. And lets be honest even those last two are only Pro Bowlers because of one Peyton Manning and a fluke year by Bowe. 

So tell me which of these receivers in this year’s class would you group with. Do they go with Harvin and Johnson or are they more like such first round picks as Michael Floyd, Jonathan Baldwin, Hakeem Nicks and Anthony Gonzalez? All solid players but not dominant forces. Now don’t get me wrong, the Rams definately need more playmakers. I just do not feel they should spend a first round pick on a position where they can get a player of similar skills in the second round.

So what will the Rams do? I feel like they need to address safety for sure. Although the Rams only brought in one safety for a visit, none of the top ranked ones, it sounds like they have a crush on Kenny Vaccaro. Now me personally, I like Matt Elam and Jonathan Cyprien better, but I do feel that Vaccaro will be a solid player in the NFL. I think the Rams take Vaccaro at #16 for sure. Their second pick is the bigger question. Could the Rams go offensive line? Either a guard or a tackle for future Roger Saffold departure? Maybe they do take WR here, with that extra pick they can take a gamble. I think they should go for outside linebacker here. This is another position that has been largely unaddressed for years like the WR spot. I like Arthur Brown at this spot for the Rams. In the second round I would like to see the Rams go WR here. Austin, Patterson, Hopkins and Allen will all likely be gone. However I am a big fan of Robert Woods and feel he has just as much potential as any of the others.

My Rams Wish list: If the Rams could manage to get three of these players from this year’s draft I would be ecstatic: WR Tavon Austin, WR Deandre Hopkins, WR Keenan Allen, WR Robert Woods, S Kenny Vaccaro, S Matt Elam, S Jonathan Cyprien, OL Jonathan Cooper, OL Kyle Long, OL Larry Warford, LB Arthur Brown, LB Sio Moore, RB Montee Ball, RB Marcus Lattimore. 

Random Thoughts on the 2013 NFL Draft
1. NFL Draft analysts can’t have it both ways. They have been touting that on average 3 quarterbacks get drafted in the first round every year so this year will be no different. Well these same analysts have two offensive guards going in not just the first round but likely the top 15 and some even top 10. Well we all know that never happens. So which is it? 

2. Speaking of the quarterback class this year. I would like to introduce my Steak Theory. I liken it to wanting a good steak. You are hungry, starving, need a good source of nutrients. You want a steak for dinner. Well what happens if this craving hits when you are in some small town, were all they have is a Ponderosa. Sure you could go there and spend your money on their steak, hoping they aren’t serving two week old cuts and it will satisfy your craving. Or you could just wait until you get back to a large city and go to a Ruth Chris steakhouse. Much the same way about this QB class. Your team may be desperate and hungry for a quality QB but will you waste your first round pick hoping it fills your need? 

3. Athletic and potential. Two words that we will here about non-stop and really mean nothing. Sure those qualities are great to have but in the draft I feel the better question is can they play and make an impact on the field. You can be a great athlete but if you can’t make a tackle or catch a ball that doesn’t matter. And you may have great potential but if you never reach it then its a waste, give me someone that knows the game. 

4. The Rams have had nearly the perfect situation in each of the last two drafts. Last year they had the remarkable position of being #2 in a two horse QB race and were able to parlay that into two more first round picks the next two years. Without Griffin there for the taking the Rams could not have got such a haul. This year at first fans were down on the fact the Redskins had such a good year, pushing the Redskins pick which the Rams now owned further down. Well in this year’s draft a lower first round pick is probably better than a top five. There are no separation of players in this year’s draft. This allows the Rams to target a variety of players and possibly move if a team falls in love with someone late. 

5. I can’t wait to see what team royally screws up in this year’s draft. Last year it was the Browns wasting a first round pick on Brandon Wheeden. For years we had the Oakland Raiders insisting on picking the fastest player no matter what. Who can forget the Lions taking Charles Rogers, Roy Williams and Mike Williams in back to back to back drafts. Or the year when Minnesota handed in their card late. Who will be this year’s screw up?

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3 Responses to NFL Draft, Part 3

  1. Jeff says:

    Brian…Jeff. Love the “Random Thoughts on 2013 NFL Draft.”
    Here is my mock…I’m predicting Tavon Austin will be a NY Jet.
    1a Alec Ogletree – he is the anti-venom for Kaepernick and Russell and venom for everyone else!
    1b Deandre Hopkins – he will be a #1…he has it all and if you watched the LSU game, it says it all. He is a stud and will catch everything thrown his way, especially in traffic.
    2 Matt Elam (I don’t know if he or Eric Reid last this long) – an explosive player that will make big plays in the box and be sufficient in coverage.
    ….. a bunch of picks from 3 to 6 – I’m not that detailed to know…
    7 TJ Moe – there is your slot man.

  2. That would be an ideal draft as well. Get three starters and another weapon for Bradford. I like Moe and think if he had better QB play last year would be talked about more. Ogletree scares me a little, not off field but his demeanor. However Fisher may be able to coach him right.

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