A Saturday at the Park

As I was laying in my hammock today and listening to the St. Louis Cardinals game on the radio I was inspired by the sport that captures the Midwest. Baseball, The Cardinals. The following is what I jotted down. Hope you enjoyImage

Waking up with the sun,
Rolling out of bed.
What jersey should I wear, Gibby or Edmonds, which one?
Cards cap on my head.
Driving downtown, to join that sea of red.

The noise level rises, anticipation builds.
I settle in my seat,
that heavy, hot St. Louis heat.
A sip of ice cold brew, served frosty and chilled.
The smell of the grill in the air;
Hot dogs, nachos, typical summer food fare.

The anthem begins, quietest moment Busch will be.
As 50,000 plus have come to see,
the Birds on the Bat, chase history.

Dads and sons, moms and daughters.
Fredbird and children share in laughter.
The snap of the first pitch, strike is called out.
The fans are ready to cheer and shout.

Nine innings to play on this bright sunny day.
All the memories, that will never go away.

Its the stories told,
of players new and old.
Freese, Carpenter, Musial, Brock and Ozzie.
The Cardinal way, may sound crazy.
Its the time spent with cherished loved ones,
Talking about Pujols and McGwire home runs.

For fans of the Redbirds this is nothing new,
Its a Saturday at the Park, another Victory for St. Lou

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2 Responses to A Saturday at the Park

  1. flyersgirl says:

    Great poem, it paints an awesome picture and you can feel baseball in St Louis

  2. KK says:

    Great words. Cardinal fever! GO CARDS….

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