If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck….Johnny Manz-HELL

ImageThere is an old saying that if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck…it’s probably a duck. Well Johnny Manziel looks like he is arrogant, acts like he is above everyone else so he is probably trouble.

What a difference a year makes. Johnny Manziel was a relative unknown to the college football world one year ago at this time. Then the swagger-filled, play ground quarterback took the nation by storm knocking off powerful Alabama and capping his year with the Heisman trophy. Now one year later…..he is the most controversial figure in college athletics.

I will admit that last year, at the beginning I was impressed with Manziel. This red-shirt freshman running around and just playing football. But the more I watched him play the more he bothered me. Something seemed off. And this is just as a football fan. At first glance his on the field success is impressive. But look at the numbers closer from last year. The majority of his numbers came against the five non-conference schools (15 TD’s just 3 picks against non-conference compared to 11 and 6 in SEC. Also 10 rushing TD’s in eight conference games with 11 in five non-conference).

Now you factor in his off-field issues and even bigger now his on-field demeanor. And the true picture of Johnny Manziel becomes clearer. He is selfish and cares just about himself. Johnny Manziel is creating HELL for his team. He is not exhibiting the leadership needed at the position in which it is most important in all of sports.

Analysts say oh sure his teammates had no problem with him this off-season. I doubt that. To me it seems that is mostly media talk. Behind the doors you can bet his teammates and coaches are pissed that he is not taking this serious. His team is poised to compete for a championship. They were riding high coming off last season and into this year.

So how did he spend the off-season? Partying at his state’s rival school (Texas), hanging around Hollywood types and pro athletes, getting kicked out of a football camp, signing 6,000 items, complaining on Twitter about parking tickets and otherwise just being a typical egotistical “diva”.

Now I understand that some of this swagger is what makes him a hard to play against quarterback. But don’t you think after this off-season of controversies and sitting out a first-half this would have been an ideal time for him to just relax a little bit and take some heat off him. No instead he comes out and taunts opponents and more shockingly walks right past his head coach Kevin Sumlin after getting pulled. And grant it Sumlin has brought some of this on himself. He let Manziel walk around campus like he runs it. And despite the fact he does bring in enormous amounts of money for the school and is the face of the program; football remains and always will be a TEAM sport and not based on one sole individual’s success.

People are now playing the “be nice to the guy he is just a kid” card. Well no sorry. You can’t have it both ways. Like it or not. College athletics is no longer about amateurism (as we are about to find out with the push to pay players). He won the Heisman and fully embraced the celebrity lifestyle. This is part of it. You must take the heat if you want to be in the spotlight. Just be careful Johnny of what the spotlight might show when it shines on you.

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One Response to If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck….Johnny Manz-HELL

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Most kids have absolutely no idea how to handle the spotlight. Manziel’s just one of “most kids.”


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