The Fans’ Choice


After today’s baseball playoff game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates there will be plenty of second guessing, analyzing and complaining about the game itself. So I want to address a different issue that was brought up by the media here in St. Louis following the Cardinals’ loss… No sooner did the first out of the bottom of the eighth inning occur, when the score was 7-1 in favor of the Pirates did fans begin leaving the stadium and immediately the meida (one in particular) began their long running “commentary” about the fans. 




Now Mr. Strauss is entitled to his opinion but his constant put downs of the fans is getting old. Anyone who has heard him on the radio over the years knows this is not a once in awhile thing but more his calling card. Maybe he likes to play the role of taking opposite sides and harsh commentaries because he feels that makes him stand out and it will garner more followers and readers. But I am here to defend the fans choice.

Sports is entertainment, nothing more. It has always been a venue to entertain people, dating all the way back to the days of Gladiators. The action on the field is meant as an escape for people, a way for them to find enjoyment. Therefore if they are not being entertained who is to condemn them for leaving early? Now let me say that I am not in the group of fans that leave early. I stay until the end but that is my choice. 

As far as today goes. The game was 7-1 in the 8th inning. The Cardinals were not hitting on the day, just four hits. And the Pirates bullpen was one of the best in the National League all year. The chances of a monumental comeback were slim. Now had the Cardinals put together another historic postseason comeback like they have done in recent years, those fans would have missed out. But again that is their choice.

Let me ask you this Mr. Strauss and the rest of the media who find fun in putting down fans for leaving early. Have you never left a movie that did not meet your expectations? Have you never stopped reading an article because it did not capture your interest? Have you never even turned the channel because the tv show was boring? Well that is the same thing. They are all forms of entertainment, just in different mediums. 

The fans pay their hard earned money to be entertained. It is their right to leave early if they want. Now I feel this does in fact hurt the atmosphere but as I have said it is their right. I don’t think by them staying the Cardinals would have comeback. Maybe Mr. Strauss is taking the old adage of “no press is bad press” to heart. But instead of playing the know it all and talking down to the fans and other media members even (just listen to him in the morning on CBS 920) maybe he should focus on being a reporter with substance instead of coming off as a bitter man who finds no joy in what he does. But…that is his choice.

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