Super Bowl XLIX, The Villain Bowl

villainLater this week is the NFL’s premier event and the most watched event of the year in America period, the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLIX has given us the Seattle Seahawks vs. the New England Patriots, or as I like to call it…The Villain Bowl. Just as the movies have given us Alien, Predator, Jason, Darth Vader, The Joker, and The Emporer…this Sunday the real life villains Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Rob Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch, Tom Brady, and Richard Sherman will square off against each other.

The Story Line
This year’s Super Bowl features two of the least liked teams in the NFL, sorry if you are located in the Northeast or the Northwest regions but numerous surveys have been done and shown to be a fact. (See the report HERE) We have the cocky, seemingly get-every-luck-break Seahawks against the “cheating”, we-just-do-it-better-than-everyone Patriots. Two coaches have been immensely successful with their teams but can also rub fans and other organizations the wrong way. And players galore that are simply, well…villain-esque.

The Villains

  • Bill Belichick as The Emperor – This is the obvious comparison. From the hooded wardrobe to the silent demeanor to the creepy voice; these two are replicas. Like The Emperor from Star Wars Bill Belicheck silently works his master plan to rule the world (NFL). A cunning and ruthless man both men work in silence and closely guard their information. Much in the same way that in the beginning the Emperor (as Palpatine) was thought to be someone respected and with well-intentions by the Republic morphing into the evil, dark man who coerce others to join the Dark Side, Belicheck began as the detail oriented, all-time great coach that morphed into a win at all costs, skirt the rules leader. Could Belichick’s Dark Force be Spy Gate?
  • Pete Carroll as The Joker – Pete Carroll is the definition of a player’s coach. He keeps practices loose, is youthful and sprite for his age, and let’s not forget that Carroll’s outfit highlights a wacky (lime green) color eerily similar to The Jokers hair. The Joker had similar characteristics with his wacky personality, and “fun” styled pranks. The Joker too could be considered a villain’s villain, often serving as the leader of a miscast group, using his skills to guide them for hi own use.
  • Tom Brady as Darth Vader – Tom Brady, an All-American, scrawny looking kid considered the underdog nearing e end of his career, considered arguably one of the all-time greats. Anakin Skywalker, an unassuming small kid who becomes one of the most menacing villains of all-time. Brady was led to the dark side under the tutelage of Belichick while Skywalker joined the Dark Side after joining The Emperor.
  • Richard Sherman as The Predator – First foremost, I mean look at the hair-styles…IDENTICAL! In addition the Predator is noted for its incredible size, intelligence, strength, and a little bit cocky. Sound familiar? Sherman is 6’3, incredible size for a corner back, is from one of the top academic schools in the country in Stanford, routinely beats up wide receivers at the line, and is without a doubt one of the most “sure” players in the NFL.
  • Rob Gronkowski as Alien – The Alien character from the Aliens movie franchise is a fast, large, freak, predatory being intent on killing anything that threatens them. Rob Gronkowski could be the true life form of the Alien creature due to his freakish combination of speed and size, and his predatory nature of destroying anything trying to stop him.
  • Marshawn Lynch as Jason Voorhees – Jason Voorhees stalks down his prey, is silent, with vicious attacks, known for his super-human strength. Can you say Marshawn Lynch? Someone who refuses to speak, wears down defenses, and goes into a “beast mode” where it seemingly takes the entire defense to bring him down.

The Conclusion
So who walks away as the winner of Villain Bowl? This was a touch choice for me because I do not like either team, in fact despise both of them. Yet that also made it interesting because I have no vested interest. So who is it? Is it the Seahawks looking to cement their place as a dynasty by winning their second consecutive Super Bowl? Is it the Patriots in search of the fourth title during their reign? My pick is the Seahawks. People are saying that the Patriots will play with a chip on their shoulder after their latest controversy but the Seahawks ALWAYS play with a chip on their shoulder. The way the Seahawks defense has been playing it should shut down the Patriots offense. And with the Seahawks limiting the Patriots offense that means it should be a close game. They should feed Lynch all the skittles he wants and keep Russell Wilson in position to win the game at the end, something he has shown a knack to do.

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