Fisher, Foles, Follies

fffollyAfter Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the St. Louis Rams fan base is hot. Almost as hot as the pregame turf fire. This makes two consecutive poor performances by the St. Louis Rams. Two losses coming on the heels of a hype filled week one win over the two-time defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Fan forums are rampant on whom to blame; from Jeff Fisher to the offensive line and lack of top wide receivers. One thing is for certain the offense needs a better showing.

However I don’t want to necessarily talk about where the Rams need to make an upgrade on the roster, we are still more than 13 weeks away from even being able to do anything about that. The roster we have now is what we will have at the end of the year. No what I want to talk about are a couple of comments I have heard from Head Coach Jeff Fisher and starting quarterback Nick Foles in post-game interviews the last two weeks.

After the Rams lost 24-10 to the Redskins, a game in which they managed just 213 yards of total offense one would think as a head coach you wouldn’t be too happy about the team’s performance. However after hearing some of the sound clips from Fisher after the game you would think the Rams had if not won the game, come close to a win in the end.

“We had some explosive plays on offense, some good runs; setting things up. And some outstanding plays on defense”

Yes that’s an offense that had one play over 20 yards and just six plays, including passes, that went for over 10 yards that Fisher considers explosive. A defense that game that allowed 182 yards rushing and recorded just two sacks with no turnovers, was outstanding?

Now on to the “BIG” off-season addition for the Rams, Nick Foles. After Sunday’s loss to the Steelers Foles said:

“It’s early in the season and we are 1-2. The world is not ending.”

If I were on that team and had just lost two games in the fashion they did, I would not so easily dismiss the losses or try and focus solely on the positives of the game. I understand as a quarterback that you want to show leadership and don’t want to get too high or too low, but his comments during the whole press conference just hit me the wrong way.

I agree with Foles to a point, it’s not the end of the world. The season is early. However I have an issue with his and Fisher’s comments after how the Rams have played the last two weeks. Yes Fisher has made the Rams respectable during his tenure. The Rams offensive woes do not fall solely on Foles shoulders. I also know Fisher is considered a players coach. And Foles has done his job by limiting turnovers, which is what the coaches have asked of him to do.

Maybe the Rams need a fire lit under them. Too often we have seen the same thing from the Rams. One week they play lights out, they look creative, they look inspired. They have shown they can compete against and defeat the best teams in the NFL. But no sooner than fans get on the bandwagon the Rams hit a pothole and blow a tire. They don’t show up against the Redskins, they don’t make the play when needed against the Steelers. I am not with those fans that say the Rams aren’t trying. I have said before that professional players very few times do not try. They are out there and do not want to be embarrassed. But something needs to change for this team. And I think it begins with their attitude. Don’t be content with competing, glossing over losses. I am not saying to call people out but also don’t give the same coach speak, don’t just say the safe quotes. Show some fire. Show that you care about whether or not you actually win! We aren’t cheering on a pee wee team, and only care if we compete. We want to win. Change your attitude and you may change your outcome. As Winston Churchill said:

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

So Rams and Coach Fisher; please join the fans and get pissed off when the team loses! Show us your attitude!!!

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