As The Rams Turn

ramsuniIn the latest episode of ‘As The Rams Turn’ the organization announces with mediocre fanfare uniform changes for the 2017 season! Yes, that is right. The Rams are making the return to the glory days of Los Angeles football by re-introducing their blue and white horned helmets. But that is where the good news ends for the Rams, because if you were to look any lower than just the helmet the uniforms may remind you of the Rams organization; a complete mismatch.

The old school blue and white Rams horned helmet was a favorite of mine, even back when they were playing here in St. Louis. The Rams were actually the first NFL team to put a logo of any type on a helmet, doing so in 1948. They moved to the white horned helmet in the late 50’s, wearing it for nearly two decades, the two decades the Rams consider their glory days, of course their ONLY NFL title remains a part of St. Louis history and not L.A. HA HA, sorry I had to get the dig in there, still bitter!

Anyway, back to the main point, bringing the white horned helmet back was really a no-doubter, it was just a matter of when. So when would a good time be to bring back the iconic helmet of the franchise which was last worn over three decades ago during the 70’s, a decade in which they won six division titles. I don’t know maybe a good time would have been in the first year of the team’s return to L.A.?  But what do I know?

The Rams have a great staff of people running their marketing. The same people who

decided to promote the Rams on HBO’s Hard Knocks, leading to the most boring edition of the program yet. Also the same marketing department that in the return of Rams football to L.A. decided to promote an opposing player (Cam Newton) with a giant

billboard by LAX. It is also an organization with Kevin Demoff as its mouthpiece and run by every sport fans favorite Stan Kroenke. The same one that recently w

as actually on a London news report with the reporter stating “Stan lowers babies into coal mines without protection” and “He kills baby rabbits to use as oil for his mustache”. Just watch this VIDEO of Arsenal fans “cheering” him on at their match.


So the Rams obviously have a strong leadership group in place. Maybe that is why their uniforms are such a mess. Moving on past the helmet, which taken as a stand alone is great looking but was brought back a year too late, look at their full uniform together. They also changed up their pants, removing the gold which had been in place since 2000, deciding to go with a full blue stripe. But do you see it? Look at the three DIFFERENT blues on the three separate pieces of the uniform. The helmet is different from the jersey which is also different from the pants. It is a complete joke.

Some people may not find this very interesting or newsworthy. It is just a uniform who cares. And I am quite positive the Rams will unveil a completely new uniform in 2020 when their new stadium opens, which by the way has already been delayed a year…see a trend? But in a league which is all about marketing itself, with an organization trying to build back interest for their return; why are they not putting their best out there? Why are the Rams just going at it half-way? Oh that’s right, because it is the Rams.

Just a uniform? I say dress for success. It is about an attitude. And does this uniform really look like an NFL team or does it look like they went shopping at the nearest Goodwill and pieced together a costume? Leadership is everything in sports, it flows down from the top. And the Rams will be a mess as long as Kroenke remains the owner. At least it is never dull, except for their play on the field, with ‘As The Rams Turn’

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