January Thoughts

hmmmSo this year I thought I would change things up. Rather than doing a weekly blog (which was my resolution in 2018 and I achieved! So see it is possible!) I will be doing a monthly list of things that make me go hmmmm….with random blogs whenever a big news event comes up.

So what were my thoughts about January?

  • I don’t understand why Bryce Harper and Manny Machado remain unsigned. Let me rephrase that, I understand the why but not how. The why is because MLB teams have become unified in their analytical thinking. So now they have a “formula” that tells them how much to a player and since they all have this formula all teams have the same thoughts and guidelines. Now I say I don’t know how, because come on people. You can’t run everything based on analytics. The outcome of the game is still determined by the players and not by calculators. Sure it is wise to not just hand out free money to players. But these are two perennial All-Star players entering their prime at 26 years old!
  • Which leads me to my second thought. Every fan in St. Louis wanted the Cardinals to pursue Bryce Harper from day one of free agency. And understandably the Cardinals were not wanting to jump in on spending that amount of money. However now that we are just two weeks away from the start of spring training and the Padres are bringing Harper in for an interview…maybe it is time for the Cardinals to kick the tires. If you can get Harper for a significantly less amount of money than what was anticipated then why not? Oh what about Fowler’s contract. Well sorry one bad contract, or even if Fowler bounces back, is not enough to convince me that Harper would not have a bigger impact. Speaking of impact. He is the type of player that would be the face of the Cardinals and give them a true national spotlight they have not had since Albert Pujols (sorry Paul Goldschmidt).
  • To continue the Harper thoughts. Let’s look at what the Cardinals are apparently trying to do. Resign Goldschmidt. That would be great but take a closer look. Goldschmidt is 32-years old and all reports are that he wants a 3-4 year deal. So that takes him to his age 36 season. So then why are the Cardinals are reluctant to give Harper a 10-year deal? A deal that would take him to his age 36 season. You would be getting Harper’s prime years and then paying for the expected slide after 30 years old. Instead they have no concern in paying for Goldschmidt’s down years from 32-36? Makes no sense to me.
  • The NFL continues to be the NFL. What has been the biggest story line for the NFL this playoffs. Oh yeah, horrible calls by the officials. It never fails. The NFL’s biggest story lines are always something other than the actual teams, players, results of the game. It is either bad calls, teams moving, players getting in trouble, or concussions that garner the headlines. This is the problem of the NFL and something that is not beneficial to the league. Until they can figure out how to turn the spotlight on what it should be; remarkable athletes doing great things, then the NFL is sitting in a precarious position.
  • Speaking of always taking one step forward and two steps back. The University of Missouri. Ughhhhh. Come on Mizzou! Whether it is getting touted prep athletes like Dorial Green-Beckham or Michael Porter Jr. only to see their Tiger careers come to unexpected endings. Now we have the penalties issued by the NCAA for a rogue tutor. And as of now they are facing postseason bans in football, baseball, and softball. These coming after a spectacular recruiting period for the football team.
  • And oh the NCAA. Such inconsistencies. Missouri cooperates with the NCAA and self-reports that a tutor wrote papers and did classwork for 12 athletes. These tutor was not instructed by anyone with the school to do so or by the players but did so anyways. Yet Missouri gets hammered while other schools like North Carolina walked away with nothing? It is these “case-by-case” scenarios that further paints the NCAA in a bad light; and like the NFL they just can’t get out of their own way.
  • While we talk about getting out of their own way. The professional sports leagues may be about to make the dumbest move ever. Word is that three of four leagues (MLB, NFL, and NHL) are heading towards lockouts. Why? Well in MLB it is the lack of money being spent through free agency and how teams how holding back on calling up younger players to preserve their contract time. NFL players want guaranteed money and the NHL, well the NHL is always on the verge of locking out. This would be a horrible move for any of the leagues to lock out. Yes there are matters that need to be fixed. But a lockout will only hurt the teams AND players. They have enormous amounts of money coming in through TV contracts right now and there is no shortage of money. So sit down, talk it out, and solve your issues before you do anything to harm your league.
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